Does Uber Have Car Seats

Does Uber Have Car Seats? [Explore The Truth]

As families embrace the convenience of app-based platforms like Uber, a critical consideration arises for those with young passengers – the availability of car seats. The safety of children during travel is paramount, prompting many users to wonder: Does Uber have car seats?

Uber provides convenient options for passengers traveling with young children through services like UberX Car Seat or Uber Family, offering vehicles equipped with child seats in certain locations. While these offerings enhance safety for families, their availability is subject to geographical variations.

Learn about Uber car seat availability, how to request car seats and much more in this guide.

Does Uber Have Car Seats: Things To Know

Uber does offer car seat options in some locations. However, the availability of car seats can vary depending on the city or region. Here are the main available options:

1. UberX Car Seat Details:

UberX Car Seat is a service offered by Uber that provides vehicles with a car seat for riders who need one. Please note that specific details may vary by location and are subject to change.

Service Description:

Purpose: UberX Car Seat is designed to cater to riders who are traveling with young children and require a car seat for their safety during the journey.

Car Type: UberX Car Seat is typically a specific car type within the Uber app, indicating that the vehicle comes equipped with a car seat.


Location-Specific: The availability of UberX Car seats can vary by location. Not all cities or regions may offer this service, so it’s crucial to check if the option is available in your area.

In-App Indicator: Look for UberX Car Seat as an available option when selecting your ride within the app.

Car Seat Type:

UberX Car Seat typically includes a single forward-facing car seat. This type of seat is generally suitable for older toddlers who meet the specified age and weight requirements.

Requesting an UberX Car Seat:

Selection Process: When you open the Uber app and enter your destination, choose the UberX car type. Look for the specific option labeled “UberX Car Seat.”

Confirmation: Once you’ve selected UberX Car Seat, the app should confirm that your ride will include a vehicle with a car seat.

Additional Charges:

There may be additional charges associated with using UberX Car Seat compared to standard UberX rides. Check the app for details on pricing and any potential surcharges.

Age and Weight Restrictions:

Uber may have specific guidelines regarding the age and weight of children using the car seat. Ensure that your child meets these requirements.

User Reviews:

Before selecting UberX Car Seat, consider checking user reviews within the app. This can provide insights into the experiences of other riders who have used this service in your area.

Policy On Personal Car Seats:

If you prefer, you may have the option to bring your child’s car seat and install it in the Uber vehicle. Check Uber’s policy on using personal car seats for more details.

2. Uber Family:

Uber Family is a service offered by Uber that provides vehicles equipped with car seats for riders traveling with young children. Keep in mind that specific details may vary by location, and Uber’s services are subject to change.

Service Overview:

Purpose: Uber Family is designed to cater to riders traveling with children, offering vehicles that come equipped with a car seat to ensure the safety and comfort of young passengers.

Family-Friendly Rides: Vehicles under the Uber Family service are typically chosen or designated to provide a family-friendly experience.

Inclusions and Features:

Car Seat Types: Uber Family vehicles may include car seats suitable for different age ranges. The specific type of car seat provided can vary, but it is generally chosen to accommodate the needs of families with infants or toddlers.

Comfort Features: These vehicles may have additional features or amenities to enhance the comfort of families during the ride.

Availability And Pricing:

Location-Specific: Uber Family may not be available in all cities or regions. Check the app to see if this service is offered in your location.

Pricing: There may be additional charges associated with using Uber Family compared to standard Uber rides. Review the app for details on pricing and any potential surcharges.

Requesting an Uber Family Ride:

Selection Process: Open the Uber app and enter your destination. Look for the Uber Family option when selecting your ride.

Confirmation: Once you’ve chosen Uber Family, the app should confirm that your ride will include a family-friendly vehicle with a car seat.

How To Know If Uber Has Car Seats:

Determining whether Uber provides car seats involves navigating the app effectively. The following introduction covers the steps and considerations for determining whether Uber offers car seats at the time of booking.

Open The Uber App:

To open the Uber app, ensure it’s installed on your device. Log in or sign up, grant location access, enter your destination, and choose a ride type. Review the fare estimate, confirm the ride, and track your driver’s arrival through in-app navigation.

After reaching your destination, payment is processed automatically, and you can rate the driver. The app’s navigation menu offers additional features like ride history and customer support.

Sign In Or Create An Account:

To sign in or create an account on the Uber app, open the application, and click on the respective options. If you’re a new user, provide necessary details like your email, phone number, and payment information to create an account.

Returning users can log in with their existing credentials. Ensuring a secure and verified account is essential for accessing Uber’s services.

Enter Your Destination:

After signing in to the Uber app, input your destination by tapping on the designated field. Type in the address or location you’re heading to, and the app will generate ride options based on this information.

This step ensures that Uber can provide you with accurate fare estimates and match you with a suitable driver for your destination.

Choose Your Ride Type:

Following the entry of your destination in the Uber app, select your preferred ride type from the available options.

These may include choices like UberX, Uber Comfort, or other specialized services based on your location. Each option comes with different features and pricing, allowing you to customize your ride experience based on your preferences and needs.

Look For Car Seat Options:

Once you’ve chosen your ride type on the Uber app, specifically look for car seat options if you’re traveling with children.

Depending on your location, you may find services like “UberX Car Seat” or “Uber Family” that offer vehicles equipped with child seats.

This ensures a safe and convenient ride for families with young passengers. Selecting the appropriate car seat option is crucial for the well-being of your child during the journey.

View Vehicle Details:

After selecting your ride type and car seat option in the Uber app, click on the specific vehicle to view detailed information.

The app typically provides details about the driver, including their name and photo. Moreover, you can see information about the vehicle, such as its make and model.

This step allows you to confirm the details of your ride, ensuring you are comfortable with the chosen vehicle and driver before confirming the request.

Check For Car Seat Information:

While reviewing vehicle details in the Uber app, specifically check for information regarding the presence of a car seat. Look for details such as “Car Seat Included” or similar indicators.

This ensures that the selected vehicle is equipped with a child seat, providing the necessary safety measures for young passengers. 

Confirming this information is crucial, especially if you are traveling with children and require the added convenience and security of a car seat.

Contact The Driver:

If you need more information or have specific requests regarding the car seat, use the Uber app to contact the driver directly.

Look for a communication option within the app to send a message or make a call to the driver.

Communicate any special requirements or preferences you may have regarding the car seat, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience for you and your passengers, especially if you are traveling with children.

Check The App’s Help Section:

In case you have questions or need additional information about car seat options, navigate to the help section within the Uber app.

This section typically provides detailed information on various topics, including car seat policies and services. 

Look for FAQs or articles related to child seats, ensuring you have a clear understanding of Uber’s policies and guidelines. The help section is a valuable resource for users seeking specific details and clarifications on any aspect of the Uber service.

Contact Uber Support:

If you’re unable to find the information you need, consider reaching out to Uber support. You can usually find contact information within the app or on the official Uber website. They can provide specific details based on your location.

Related Questions:

How Can You Request A Car With A Car Seat On Uber?

To request a car with a car seat on Uber, open the app and enter your destination. Next, select a ride option that explicitly offers car seats, depending on availability in your location. Confirm your choice and proceed with the request.

The app will match you with a driver who has a vehicle equipped with a car seat. Ensure the car seat option is visible during the booking process to secure a safe and convenient ride for passengers traveling with young children.

To learn in detail, check this out:

Is There An Additional Cost For Using Uber With A Car Seat?

There may be an additional cost for using Uber with a car seat. The pricing structure can vary based on location and the specific service chosen, such as UberX Car Seat or Uber Family. It’s essential to check the app for details on pricing and any associated fees before confirming your ride.

Understanding the potential additional charges ensures transparency in the cost of transportation when utilizing Uber’s services with the added convenience of a car seat for passengers traveling with children.

Are There Any Alternatives And Solutions To Uber Car Seats?

When Uber car seats are unavailable or inconvenient, several alternatives exist. Passengers can bring their car seats, ensuring compliance with safety standards. Installing the car seat upon reaching the destination is also an option. Other ride-sharing services or local transportation providers may offer vehicles with built-in car seats.

Renting a car with pre-installed car seats provides flexibility. Public transportation or carpooling with friends or family who have suitable car seats are additional alternatives.

Understanding local regulations on child car seats allows for informed decision-making in choosing the most suitable transportation option.


The question of whether Uber provides car seats underscores the intersection of convenience and safety in modern transportation.

While Uber has introduced services to address the unique needs of families, the availability of these features varies across locations.

In addition to services with built-in child seats, families can also bring their car seats or explore other family-friendly transportation options. Hope, you clarify about does Uber has car seats or not.

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