Can My Child Ride In Uber Without Car Seat

Can My Child Ride In Uber Without Car Seat? [Legal Guideline]

Uber is a popular ride-sharing service available worldwide. If you are planning to ride uber with your child, you may ask yourself, “can my child ride in Uber without car seat.”

Every state requires car seats for children. Age-specific rules apply to three types of seats. Babies should have a rear-facing seat. The front-facing seat is allowed for 1-3 years. Children under 6 years can travel in a booster seat. The safety belt is a must for every seat.

The age breakdown may vary for different states, but it’s almost similar. Normal car seats are quite risky for children. So, ensure the highest safety for your child in an Uber ride by using a car seat.

Reasons Why Your Child Can’t Ride In Uber Without Car Seat: Read Now

There are a couple of reasons why you can’t ride in Uber without a car seat. Check them in detail below.

Uber Law

Uber clearly mentioned that children under 12 years should travel in the back seat. A car seat is a must for infants and small children.

Drivers can cancel the ride if the rider doesn’t have an appropriate car seat for the car model. It’s not permissible for a driver to allow you a ride without a car seat. 

States Law

There are specific laws for child safety in every state in the USA. The requirement may vary depending on age, but every state requires a car seat or booster seat for babies and infants. 

Some states require a rear-facing child seat to ensure the highest safety for the babies. That means you can’t ride in Uber without a car seat.


Riding in Uber without a car is not safe at all. A baby or toddler won’t be able to maintain balance in a normal car seat. There should be a chest harness belt and soft cushion for the baby.

Also, a front-facing seat won’t help the baby to sit firmly. Using a rear-facing seat will be better and safe for a kid and toddler. So, get a car seat for your child while riding in Uber.

How To Ride Uber With A Child: Check Now

Don’t worry if you don’t have a car seat while riding Uber. There is a service available in Uber where the driver provides a car seat for the passengers. This should be available during the request of the ride. 

The procedure is quite the same as requesting a ride. Here are the step-by-step instructions in short about how to request uber with car seat.

  • Go to the Uber App and set your Pick Up & Drop Off location
  • Select the Car Seat option
  • Scroll through available vehicle types and car seat
  • Complete the Request

You will be required to pay an additional 10$ charge to get a car seat during a ride. The car seat service isn’t available for every state. First, check if your state is eligible or not for the service. If you don’t find the ‘car seat’ option in the app, you are required to carry the car seat yourself.


Can You Bring Your Own Car Seat In Uber?

Baby or toddlers under 2 years old won’t be suitable to sit in car seats. If you want to ride uber with a child under 2 years, you must bring a car seat. Also, the car seat should be installed by yourself. Drivers will wait till you finish the installation of the car seat.

Ensure you have a versatile car seat, as not all seats are compatible with every car. Uber drivers may cancel the ride if you don’t have a proper car seat.

Is It Illegal To Ride Without A Car Seat In Uber?

It’s not possible to ride without a car seat in Uber. Neither Uber nor the state permits one to ride with a baby or toddler without a car seat. There are laws for car seats for different heights and ages.

Most states require a car seat for children of less than 6 years. American Academy of Pediatrics, in short APP recommends a rear-facing car seat for babies.

Do Uber Car Seats For Children Cost Extra?

If you ride Uber with car seat service, this will charge you an additional 10$ surcharge. The car will have a pre-installed car seat for your child. However, if you bring your own car seat, Uber won’t charge you for the time it takes to install it.

While requesting a ride, check if the car model will be compatible with your car seat. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fit the seat into that car, and the ride will be cancelled. 

Is There Any State Law For Child Car Seat?

Every state has specific laws and regulations for child passenger safety. Three kinds of seats are required for a child depending on age. Rear-facing seat, front-facing seat, and booster seat.

The law should be followed for any ride, whether it’s Uber or any other ride-sharing service. You have to pay a fine if you are not following the laws, The fine range varies from $10 to $500 depending on the state.

Do Uber Drivers Carry Child Seats?

This actually depends on the Uber drivers. It’s not possible to carry different sizes of car seats for a driver as there will be different-aged babies or toddlers in each ride. This will be very much expensive. Some drivers carry medium-sized child seats or booster seats that will be compatible with any aged children.

So, parents should carry car seats for their babies or toddlers if they don’t request the car seat service. Carrying a car seat will save them from any ride cancellation.

Know if Uber offers car seats for your child or not:

Final Thoughts

I guess you got your answer about “can my child ride in uber without a car seat.” It’s not safe to ride without a car seat in Uber. Your child won’t be able to sit firmly on an Uber without a car seat.

Get a rear-facing seat if your baby is 1 year old or younger. A harnessed front-facing seat will be fine for 1-3 years. 


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