How To Put A Carseat In A Shopping Cart

How To Put A Carseat In A Shopping Cart? [Check The Hacks]

If you are shopping with your baby, you must carry him in a car seat. It will be pretty tough to control a car seat and a shopping cart together, So how to put a carseat in a shopping cart

Well, get a shopping car that has a docking system available to attach the car seat to the cart. If no such facility is available, it’s required to use a car seat carrier that easily attaches the car seat to the shopping cart by just adjusting the grips. 

The car seat should be installed perfectly in the shopping cart to ensure the safety of the baby. Shopping will be easier if your baby is relaxed in the car seat.

3 Safe Ways To Put A Carseat In A Shopping Cart: Check Now

It’s pretty unsafe to put a car seat in a shopping cart. Hence, you should ensure that there is no chance of getting injured for the baby. Here are the safest ways to put a car seat in a shopping cart. 

1. Safe-Dock

Safe-dock is a built-in system to attach the car seat to a shopping cart. There will be no installation required. Just place the car seat into the shopping cart. Most supermarkets have shopping carts that include docking systems. 

Safe-dock is usually installed on the front side of the shopping cart. It’s attached to the shopping cart firmly. Once you place the car seat into the shopping cart, attach the straps and check if it’s installed perfectly. 

Shopping carts with a safe dock are available in most supermarkets. If you don’t find one, ask the staff if they can manage one.

2. Car Seat Carrier

The car seat carrier will help you to carry your car seat in the shopping cart comfortably. It’s designed to keep the car seat safe and shop with ease. Here is how to install the car seat carrier.

  • First, unroll the carrier and place it in the shopping cart on either the front side or the rear side;
  • Adjust the grips and make sure they are firmly placed on the outer frame of the cart;
  • Place the car seat into the carrier and attach the grips;
  • Strap the baby into the carrier with the safety straps.

That’s it. It’s easy to attach a car seat carrier, and it will take very few minutes to complete the whole installation.

3. Car Seat In The Cart

If you don’t find a safe dock in the shopping cart, don’t worry, as this service is not available everywhere. Don’t place the car seat on the top, as it’s very much risky. You should place the car seat in the basket.

In this case, look for a larger cart and put the car seat into the shopping cart. You should be careful while putting items into the cart. Don’t put any raw items in the cart, as this may contain harmful germs for the baby.

Put the boxed items in one corner and make sure the baby won’t get injured. Also, keep the frozen or solid items in the lower tray. This will keep the baby safe from the hard items.  

3 Car Seat Alternatives For Shopping Carts: Carry The Baby With Ease

If there is no docking system or car seat carrier available and the cart size is not big enough, you should look for alternatives then. This will save you from trouble as well. 


A baby carrier will be an excellent alternative for a car seat in a shopping mall or supermarket. This will be a good pick if you won’t take much time to complete the shopping. 

Cart Seat Covers

There are cart seat covers available to carry babies in a shopping cart. They are enough cushioned and will get great for 6 months to 1-year-old babies.

In The Cart

Well, if you have no such option to carry, you may put your baby in the cart but with proper caution. Sit the baby in the cart and make sure the baby isn’t moving that much. Don’t let him stand or sleep in the cart.


Can A Car Seat Fit In A Shopping Cart?

This actually depends on the size of the shopping car and the car seat. An infant car seat is usually big enough and won’t fit in a shopping car. Even if it fits, there will be no space to put the grocery items.

There can be various raw items and others on a shopping cart. So, putting the car seat in a shopping cart is never a good practice.

How Do You Put A Baby In A Grocery Cart?

Use a car seat If there is no such alternative and you have to put a baby in a grocery mart. You need to put and attach the car seat to the grocery cart. There are docking systems available that allow attaching the car seat to the grocery cart.

Make sure you attach the straps firmly to the grocery cart. Check the car seat by pulling it up before placing your baby into it.

What Do You Do With Car Seats When Shopping?

If you want to keep your baby in the car seat while shopping, you may put the car seat into the shopping cart. Don’t put the car seat on top of the cart, as it’s very much risky. You should place the car seat inside the basket. Make sure the cart is big enough to let the car seat fit in it.

It will be quite tough to shop with a car seat and a shopping cart separately. Make sure you’re comfortable with the carts otherwise, there can be a serious injury to both.

What Age Can Baby Sit In A Supermarket Trolley?

If your baby is 6 months old and can seat steadily without any support, you may seat your baby in the trolley. Ensure there is support in the back and the baby is not standing or moving that much.

Strap the baby with a seatbelt to avoid any unwanted events. There are supermarkets available that have carts with built-in baby seats. You may try them for your baby.

Final Thoughts

This article is to guide on how to put a carseat in a shopping cart and what are the alternatives. I guess now you know how to ensure the highest safety for your baby in a shopping cart. A docking system is the most effective solution for this case.

As it’s not possible to know whether the supermarket already has a docking system or not, it’s better to carry a car seat carrier while shopping.


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