Does Car Seat Go Behind Driver Or Passenger

Does Car Seat Go Behind Driver Or Passenger? [Remove Confusion]

Are you stuck or in a dilemma about whether your car seat is behind the driver or passenger side? Well, it’s a common yet overwhelming thing that many car owners or parents have faced. And after that, they put their car seat on the wrong end, which in turn creates several problems. Therefore, you must know does car seat go behind driver or passenger.

Typically, there are several conflicts and discords about where to put the car seat. Many experts suggested and showed some major effects and benefits of having the car seat behind the driver position. Meanwhile, some people prefer to put the seat on the passenger side.

However, there are some reasons for both options that one should know before setting the seat. I have listed the benefits and disadvantages of placing car seats in both locations to make your task easier and worry-free.

Does Car Seat Go Behind Driver Or Passenger: Keep Away From Fantasies

It’s always a fascinating thing to have a car and get your first child into it. But the problem arises when it comes to installing the car seat. A general rule of thumb is that both places work really excellent no matter if you put the seat driver’s or passenger’s sides.

Many parents like to put the seat on the driver’s side for maximum security and safety. In contrast, other parents put the seat on the passenger side to keep children away from traffic.

The Healthy Journal suggested[4] and urged putting the car seat on the back end or driver’s sides. But they also recommend installing seats on either the passenger or driver side.

A recent study published in Pediatrics[2] disclosed that the center point is the best place to mount the car seat in the rear-facing car. But however, it’s not possible to install the seat in the middle or center position for some reasons.

Hence, the best and safest position to place the car seat on the passenger’s back, especially if you have a rear-facing car. Whether car seats go behind the driver or passenger side is confusing for most rear-facing car owners.

From the point of view of the Mayo Clinic Organization,[1] the secured and proven seat place is the back seat. Ensure the seat is far away from the airbags.

Also, there are many precautions, advantages, and drawbacks to putting the car seat in either the back seat or the front seat.

Depending on what type of car you have, putting the car seat behind the passenger side is voted by the majority. The reason behind this is safety. On the passenger side, there is enough space to minimize the risk of road collisions compared to the driver side.

Let’s break down the benefits and drawbacks of placing the car seat on the driver and passenger sides.

4 Benefits Of Placing The Car Seat The Passenger Sides

In general, the car seat goes anywhere in the car like a passenger, behind the passenger, center, rear middle, or behind the driver’s sides. But different people have different choices.

That’s why they feel a bit of tension when it comes to placing the seat. Anyway, let’s find out some special benefits of placing your car seat rear of the passenger.

1. Perfect View

When you place the child seat on the diagonal side, it’s easy to see your children just tilting your head left. Plus, you can rotate your neck without disrupting the driving. It helps to minimize your time and effort to care for your children. 

Note that, if you have two children, it’s recommended to put the seat middle and behind the front passenger. This way, you don’t have to worry about looking after the children even if no one is in the passenger seat.

2. Easy Access

Another intriguing advantage of installing the seat on the diagonal side is easy to access. That means when you get in or out of your child, it’s always fascinating and effortless. Luckily, you can get your children out easily on the pavement sides and feed your child while driving. Isn’t it convenient? 

3. Reach The Position Easily

Reaching the position is required to give water to your 4-5 or 13-years-old baby. Plus, proper eye contact is another key aspect to see our baby’s condition.

Another notable advantage of maintaining eye contact or conversation with your child is to talk easily when the child gets scared.

Sometimes, it may happen that your baby feels uncomfortable with a binding seat belt. In this situation, you should get your hand to free the seatbelt 

4. Safer Than Rear-driver Seat Position

Putting the child seat on the rear passenger seat is clinically safer than putting it behind the driver position. Why? There is less hazardous effect than the driver’s rear side.

No airbags to heat and no traffic to encounter. A study has shown that 41% of parents choose this side. In addition, there is sufficient space between the front passenger seat and car seat that minimizes the risk of severe injury immediately.

Benefits Of Placing The Car Seat On The Driver’s Sides

There are some advantages to putting the seat back on the driver’s side. Now, let’s explore them as well.

Get In and Out Easily

The first benefit that I have identified as the child seat placed behind the driver’s seat is the ease of putting on and taking off. Did you not understand? Well, let’s clear this up.

If your driving position is on the left side of the car, then the seat installed for your child is in the back, right?

Then, when you go to drop him or her off, you can easily park the car and drop off your child in a short time, which is impossible so quickly when sitting behind the passenger seat.

Again, if there’s a problem you can quickly get out of the car and get access instead of going around to the side.

Better Eye Contact From The Passenger

The following advantage is constant supervision. Because you can’t see even if you want to, it is possible for the passenger to do so.

But the person sitting next to you can easily take care of the baby and can talk easily. This thing is impossible when placing the car seat on the back of the passenger side.

Likewise, the person sitting in the passenger seat can feed, change diapers, and drink water easily.  If you are behind the passenger seat, you may need to stop the car and then do these things.

Maximum Distance From Airbags

The 3rd and I think the last advantage I will talk about is the maximum distance from the airbag. Airbags become really effective when faced with a sudden collision or accident. So it’s definitely a great addition.

But sometimes, it won’t work if the seat belt is not buckled which causes problems later, especially for children who are still below 3 years old. In such cases, it’s best to keep the child seat at a safe distance from it.

This distance is only possible when you place your car seat behind the driver’s seat. From this point of view, keeping your car seat behind the driver’s seat is effective.

4 Disadvantages Of Placing The Car Seat On The Driver’s Sides

Admit it, there are more drawbacks to putting the seat rearward than good. In the following, I’ll mention some major disadvantages you should take into account when installing the child seat or back seat.

1. Unable To Provide Helping Hand

Recent studies and research [3] emphasized placing the seat behind the middle or passenger for maximum safety. However, many parents make the wrong decision to put the seat rear of the driver’s end.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, you can’t even get perfect sight, let alone give a helping hand. As a result, the infant will suffer from sufficient support which in turn causes great problems.

2. Don’t Allow You To Keep An Eye On While Driving

The next disadvantage of installing the seat behind your back is insufficient eye contact. Suppose, you drive the car with your little children and suddenly get caught up with some problems or get scared.

In this event, nothing can be done while driving as there is no scope to look back. As a result, the child can’t get the required response.

3. Closer To Dangerous Traffic

Usually, the driver’s side is always in the danger zone because of traffic. Also, you can’t get your child in or out on the side of the pavement easily. Thus, always looking back causes less concentration in driving, letting you witness several accidents.

4. Not Safer Always

All in all, depending on all the data and opinions, positioning the car seat behind the driver’s side can’t give you good rather than bad. As it is closer to the traffic and noise, the infant will feel disturbed and get sick fast.

Related Questions:

Which Side Of The Car Should The Baby Seat Go To?

It’s a recommended and demanding position to place the car seat back on the passenger side. Ultimately, many studies proved that there are less likely injurious effects when the seat goes in the middle of the driver and passenger seats. This comes in handy when you’ve only a 3-years old baby.

The back of the driver’s side is also recommended if you always go with your wife or a passenger next to you. Otherwise, don’t take this risk. Put the seat on either the back of the passenger sides or center position. Happy driving with a loved one.

What Is The Correct Way To Put A Car Seat In A Car?

Installing a car seat in the car is the most crucial thing. Otherwise, the ultimate safety is at risk. The first thing you should do is check the owner’s manual. After that, put the seat back on the seat’s base. Then, buckle and lock the seat. Finally, press the seat down forcefully to ensure tightness.

Don’t make any mistakes when putting the seat in a car. If so, you can’t mend the loss at all. To keep the driving session safe, undoubtedly, there is no substitution except putting the car seat accurately.

Final Touch

The most common and frequently asked question does the car seat go behind the driver or passenger? There are some reasons why people asked this most frequently. The first matter is safety.

If you install the car seal at the wrong end, you’ll end up with a disaster. Hence, this matter should be controlled in safe hands.

However, according to many experts, going to the car seat center is the safest and most reliable. But if there’s no option except installing the seat on either the back of the driver or the passenger, go for the passenger side.

After the center position, the passenger back will be the safest and most easily accessible area.


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