How To Wash Nuna Pipa Car Seat

How To Wash Nuna Pipa Car Seat? [Easy Guide]

If your Nuna Pipa car seat gets gross, it should be cleaned to save it from a stinky smell. The car seat should be cleaned properly to avoid damaging the fabrics. Do you know how to wash Nuna Pipa car seat without damaging the parts?

It’s required to detach the Nuna Pipa car seat parts before washing them. The canopy, base, and seat pad should be cleaned separately with different methods. Use the washing machine to clean the canopy and the seat cover. The base can be cleaned with water spray.

It’s pretty easy to wash a Nuna Pipa car seat. Don’t install the car seat without a proper drying of the parts. Be careful while installing the parts, as a wrong attachment may lead to a serious injury.

5 Easy Steps To Wash Nuna Pipa Car Seat: Know The Process

To wash the car seat, you need to disperse the car seat first. Nuna Pipa car seats are built with different types of materials that must be washed accordingly.

Step 1: Disperse The Car Seat  

Disperse the canopy by pushing the hook on either side. Since the canopy is attached through Velcro, it can easily be detached.

Now, you need to detach the main cover. There are little clips on the edges. Disconnect the clips and unbuckle the crotch straps. Finally, push the buttons on either side of the cover.

The final step to disperse the car seat is to disconnect the shoulder straps that are connected to the tightening clip underneath the car seat. Once you have disconnected all the clips and straps, pull the fabric out from the base. It can be easily dispersed now.

Step 2: Detach The Seat Pad

There will be two clips underneath the base. Detach the clips to get the seat pad for cleaning. The seat pad doesn’t get much dirt. So, just wipe the pad with a cloth.

Step 3: Use A Brush

If there is too much gross on the seat, you may use a brush to clean the dirt before washing it. Use a toothbrush or normal brush and rub the surface with the brush without any water or soap.

Step 4: Wash The Base

Let’s start with the base. It’ll be pretty easy to wash the base. Spray hot water into the base and wipe it with a cloth. Once the cleaning is complete, use a dry cloth to wipe the remaining water. 

Step 5: Wash The Cover

This is the most important part of washing a Nuna Pipa car seat. The cover fabric can be cleaned in the washing machine. Use mild detergent and a gentle cycle on the washing machine to clean the cover. If you notice marks on the cover after one wash, go for another round.

That’s all about washing a Nuna Pipa car seat. Dry the seat in sunlight after cleaning, but avoid direct sunlight.

How Do You Put Nuna Pipa Back Together After Washing: Read Now

It is very important to put Nuna Pipa back together after washing. If you remember the dispersing process, just reverse the process to get the parts together. To help you with the installation, here is a short guide.

The seat pad should be attached to the place. If the glue can’t stick to the pad, use additional glue to attach the base pad.

Use the shoulder straps and insert them into the car seat fabric through the slots. Get the ends of the shoulder straps and put them through the cover and the frame of the car seat.

Turn the car seat over and attach the shoulder straps with the tightening clip that’s underneath the car seat. Attach the plastic clips to the cover. Connect them with the car seat on the sites. Make sure the cushion is underneath the canopy hook. 

Mistakes To Avoid While Washing Nuna Pipa Car Seat: Read Now

Despite the fact that the Nuna Pipa car seat is quite complex to install and detach, cleaning it is very simple. To save the fabric and the canopy from damage, here are some common mistakes you should avoid.

1. Scratching The Cover

The cover is made of fabric and will get a mark if you scrub it with a sharp brush or sponges. So, clean this fabric only in the washing machine with a gentle cycle. Use mild detergent powder for better care.

2. Wrong Installation

To have a proper installation, be careful when you are detaching the parts. If the installation doesn’t get as it was before, it will be unsafe for the baby to get into the car seat.


Can You Machine Wash Nuna Pipa Car Seat?

The Nuna Pipa car seat is built with different types of materials. So, you should clean the parts accordingly. The plastic and metal parts of Nuna Pipa can be wiped with a damp sponge or soft microfiber cloth.

Only the fabric is recommended for a machine wash on a delicate cycle. Make sure to dry the fabric before the next use. Wash the harness system with mild soap and water.

Is The Nuna Pipa Easy To Clean?

The Nuna Pipa is easy to clean if you know how to disperse and assemble the whole car seat, as you need to clean the parts separately. You should use proper detergent to make sure there is no damage to the fabric of the Nuna Pipa car seat.

Some parts of the Nuna Pipa car seat are not washable and can be cleaned with a simple wipe. Don’t assemble the parts before drying them thoroughly.

How Do You Clean Pee Out Of A Nuna Car Seat?

Pee should be cleaned carefully from the Nuna Pipa car seat to avoid stinky odors. It will be better to clean the pee out by detaching the car seat cover. Also, it’s possible to clean the pee without detaching the car seat.

To disinfect the area, you can use vinegar. Another effective solution is to use baking soda directly into the car seat. This will help to soak the urine. If the cover still smells, wash it gently in a washing machine using detergent.

Can You Dry Nuna Pipa Car Seat?

The canopy and the base of a Nuna Pipa car seat will get dry easily. The only part that requires much time to get dry is the cover. You should ensure it’s perfectly dried before installing the car seat again.

To let it dry perfectly, hang the cover in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight. You won’t get a perfect dry of a car seat with dry cleaning, ironing, or hair dryers.

Final Thoughts

If you want to have a clean and fresh car seat, it’s important to have an idea about how to wash Nuna Pipa car seat and also about the installation of the parts.

Separate the parts and wash them for the best result. Wash the cover in the washing machine to get the gross and bad odor out of the car seat completely. 


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