How To Convert Cars With Frameless Windows

How To Convert Cars With Frameless Windows? [Explained]

You have probably seen modern cars that don’t have any frames in the windows. Frameless windows make a car look more sleek and stylish. If you have framed window glass, can you convert your car with frameless windows?

Well, it’s somehow possible to convert cars with frameless windows but it’s very complex. This can be done by only skilled car mechanics. The process requires detaching the frame and the glass and then installing a new one. It will be quite expensive as well.

Frameless windows are quite popular among car enthusiasts. Let’s find out more about frameless car windows in this article.

Steps To Convert Your Car Window Into Frameless: Check Now

Converting car windows into frameless is quite complex and should be done by only professionals. The modification requires special skills and tools that can be done by only professionals.

However, if you are interested to know about the converting process, here is a short brief about the steps.

Step 1: Remove the Existing Window 

First, you need to remove the existing window from the car. The frame of the window car should also be removed. As there will be another glass installed on the same spot, so there should not be any damage to the spots.

Step 2: Install a Frameless Window Glass

Now, you need to install the frameless glass. Frameless glass usually is thinner than framed glass. So, it should be ensured that the glass fits perfectly.

Step 3: Calibrate and Finishing

Once you have installed a new frameless car window, you need to calibrate it and check if things are perfect or not. Except for the glass and the frame, the rest will stay the same as before.

These are the steps required to change your glass into frameless. If you can’t manage a professional car modifier, changing your car window to frameless is not recommended. 

Benefits Of Frameless Car Windows: Know More 

There are a couple of benefits of having a car with frameless windows. Here are the benefits of a car with a frameless window.

Modern Look

A frameless car makes the car look sleek and modern. The look will be totally changed because of the window. Frameless window makes a car look more updated as well.


You will get better visibility in a car with frameless windows. As there will be no frame with thinner glass, the surrounding will look clearer. There will be no obstruction to the view.


Frameless car windows improve the aerodynamics of a car. This results in better performance. Also, frameless car windows make less wind noise for a better drive.

Easy Maintenance

It will be easy to clean a frameless car window. Also, installing a window tint is quite easier in a frameless window. You won’t have the complex phase of matching the edges on the top.

Cars With Frameless Windows: Read Now

Well, you may get interested to know more about frameless window cars. Here is a list of brands with car models with frameless windows.

BrandCar Models With Frameless Window
AudiAudi S5 Sportback, Audi Q8, Audi TT
ToyotaToyota Celica
MercedesMercedes-Benz CLA Coupé
BMW BMW 3GT, BMW 2 Series Gran Coupé 
Hyundai2023 Hyundai Grandeur
Cars With Frameless Windows


Can You Convert The Car Windows Frameless?

It’s possible to make car doors frameless. This can be done by modifying the car’s window section. The perfection of installing a frameless window depends on how well the modification is executed.

Installing frameless windows will be quite tough if the window has flat glass. If your car has flat glass, conduct a highly professional mechanic to convert the window frameless.

Are Frameless Car Windows Safe?

Frameless car windows are safer but not more than framed windows. No major issues were reported about a frameless car’s safety issues. However, there are some drawbacks to a frameless car window.

This is because getting a tool inside the frameless car window is easier. By doing this, it’s possible for the thieves to force the window down and get access inside. It’s possible to break the window by forcing it down.

How Thick Is Car Frameless Glass?

Normally, frameless glasses are thinner than framed car glass. The thickness of frameless car glass usually depends on the car and the model. In general, car frameless glass is 4 -8 mm thick.

There is no difference in the materials of the frameless and framed glass. They are both built with tempered glass. Because of the thickness, frameless car windows have better visibility than framed car window glass.

Can You Tint A Frameless Car Window?

It’s possible to tint a frameless car window. The procedure to tint a frameless window is exactly the same as a framed window. It will be rather easier to match the edges in a frameless window.

If you find it challenging to tint a frameless car window, you may conduct the help of a professional car mechanic to get a perfect installation. 

What’s The Difference Between Framed And Frameless Windows?

The only major difference between the windows is that framed glass has a frame on the top. There will be no frame for the glass in a frameless window. A frameless window glass will be directly attached to the car’s body.

Also, frameless car windows are usually thinner than framed glass. Sometimes, frameless glass is relatively more expensive than framed glass.

Final Thoughts

Frameless car windows enhance the beauty of a car multiple times. It’s quite tough to get a perfect installation of frameless window glass. Make sure you are converting your car window glass only by a professional. Otherwise, keep driving with the framed one.


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