Can Red Bull Break A Car Window

Can Red Bull Break A Car Window? [Know The Truth]

You have probably seen viral reels of breaking car windows with red bull online. Well, this seems very much interesting and dubious as well. Can red bull really break a car window?

No, red bull or any other energy drink will never be able to reach the pressure required to break a car window glass. Car windows are made of tempered glass or laminated glass. They are designed to withstand the pressure of more than 10,000 pounds per square inch.  

The videos are made for entertainment and to spread a misconception among the users. They hit and break the glass with something else and record it like it’s broken because of red bull. 

Can Red Bull Really Break A Car Window: Know The Truth

There is no proven result that a red bull can break a car window. A car window is made of tempered glass, which won’t break with the ingredients in the red bull. A red bull can never achieve the pressure you need to break a car window glass, whether cold or brought from the freezer.  

In the reels or videos, they put a towel or tissue on the glass and then pour red bull on it. Well, this won’t change anything and will not break the car window. Red bull contains simple sugars, carbonated water, caffeine, taurine, and B vitamins. These ingredients don’t have the power to break the tempered glass that too by just pouring it.

However, if the car window is made of cheap ordinary glass and you put icy water on it, the glass may shatter. This will happen because of the heat difference between the materials. As car window glasses are not made of cheap material, they won’t break by pouring cold water.

So, breaking a car window with a soft drink or any energy drink is impossible and a myth.

How Is A Car Window Glass Made: Check Now

The revolution of automotive glass is quite impressive. There has been a huge improvement in terms of quality and safety as well. Car windshields and the window glasses are built differently. They are not made of ordinary glasses. 

Car glasses are usually made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is four times stronger than ordinary glass and is made from annealed glass via a thermal tempering process. 

The glass is first made with the usual process by melting the raw materials such as silica sand, soda ash, and dolomite. Then the glass goes under the annealing and polishing process.

Some glasses are built using the lamination process, where two sheets of glass are bonded together. In this process, the glasses are bonded by applying heat and pressure, making them more tearing-resistant.


What Is The Weakest Part Of A Car Window?

Though the whole car window glass is designed with the same strength, still it’s found that the edges of the glass are weaker than the centers. Most of the time, this actually depends on the manufacturer.

During a collision, it was found that the center of the window glass gets affected the most. This is why manufacturers improved the strength of the center more than before. 

How Strong Are Car Windows?

Well, car windows are pretty strong. Typical car window glasses come with a breaking point of 10,000 PSI and more. Car windows are made from tempered glass, which is more robust and doesn’t break easily.

There are car windows capable of withstanding more pressure depending on the manufacturers. Some car windows can even take about 20,000 to 24,000 pounds per square inch(PSI). 

Are There Unbreakable Car Windows?

Yes, there are unbreakable car windows that can withstand any amount of pressure. The bulletproof glasses are unbreakable and don’t get any scratches. Also, it’s permissible to use bulletproof glass for any car.

Laminated glass is another strong glass type though it breaks. The advantage of using this glass is it doesn’t spread into pieces when it breaks. This is why laminated glasses are safer and more secure in a car.

What Can Easily Break A Car Window?

If you need to break the car window in an emergency, you should follow the proper method. As car window glasses are made of tempered glass, breaking them usually won’t be easy.

However, you may try to break the glass with a safety hammer. Ensure the hammer has a pointed tip to hit the force in a small area. You may also use a heavy and sharp object to break the glass.

Does Cold Soft Drinks Affect Glass?

Yes, the cold or icy soft drink may affect the glass and can sometimes break. Due to the heat difference, the glass will crack and break if the temperature difference is not significant, there won’t be any effect of the cold drinks.

This happens as the inner part of the glass tries to shrink when it contacts the cold water, whereas the outer portion remains the same. In the same way, hot water affects glass as glass tries to expand when in contact with hot water.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that breaking a car window with a red bull is a myth. It’s never possible to get the pressure to break the tempered glass with an energy drink.

The car glass window won’t break because of the temperature difference. They are crafted to withstand this pressure. 


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