Can You Put Tint On Outside Of Car Window

Can You Put Tint On Outside Of Car Window? [Check Facts]

Are you thinking of installing tint on your car windows? It will be great as window tints make the car cooler inside and protect riders from UV rays. So, where to install it, and can you put tint on outside of car window?

It’s possible to put tint on the outside of the car window but not recommended at all. This won’t make the tint effective and will damage it sooner than usual. Tinting outside will degrade the film as it will have direct contact with the UV rays and diminish better visibility as well.

Install the tint on the inside of the car. This is more effective and will work for a long time. The inside of the car will be cooler, and there will be no problem with state laws as well.

Reasons Why You Should Not Tint On Outside Of Car Window: Check Now

Interested to know more about why installing tint on the outside is not recommended? Here are the reasons with the explanation.

Degrade Soon

Installing tint outside of a car window will make the tint less effective. The tint will be exposed to UV rays directly, and this will degrade the tint sooner. There will also be bubbles on the tint because of the sun.  

Less Effective

Putting the tint outside of the car window seems less effective than applying it inside. There will be less heat rejection if you install it outside. 

Not Safe

It’s not safe to install tint outside of car windows. This will get more scratches and get damaged from the outside. Installing the tint outside is not as effective when it’s installed inside.   

Legal Issues

Some states don’t allow putting tint on the outside of the car window. You may need to pay a fine for installing the tint outside. So, installing the tint on the inside is better to avoid any further negative consequences. 

Bad Visibility

Installing tint outside the car window may create problems with window visibility. The tint will get scratched easily, and it will worsen the visibility. Also, the film will fade easily, affecting visibility.

Tips For A Perfect Car Window Tint Installation: Check Now

Well, if you plan to install the car window tint on your own, here is a quick installation guide. 

Prepare The Vehicle & Equipment

First, you must prepare the vehicle and required equipment for the task. Get quality film paper for tint. Select a clean and dry space, such as the garage. Make sure there is enough space to move as you need to work by moving the car window frequently. 

Clean The Window

Before applying the film, you need to clean the window properly. Remove any stickers or adhesives from the window. If it’s not properly cleaned, there will be bubbles on the tint, and it won’t get you a perfect installation.

Prepare The Window

To prepare the window, clean it with soapy water. You may use a razor blade to scrape all the dirt and grime from the window. Once cleaning is complete, dry the window by wiping the water using a clean, soft cloth.

Get The Film

A tint paper has two sides or layers like the stickers. One layer should be removed before applying it to the window. Spray the window with soapy water and place the tint film on the window. 

Trim Excess Film

Trim the excess film with a knife and cut along the bottom and edges of the window. Cut one or half an inch on top of the window by lowering the window.

It’s recommended to apply the tint film inside of a car window. If you struggle to trim the tint film inside, you may put it outside of the window first, then trim it and apply it again inside.

Finishing Touch

Once the edges are matched and the corners look fine, you may peel the top half now. Gently peel off the upper layer from the top. You may keep applying fresh water in between while peeling off the layer to make it easy to detach.

If there is any bubble on the tint film, squeeze the water out by using something with leveled edges, such as a credit card. 

That’s how you install tint film on a car. Don’t wash the car for a week after installing the tint film on your car. Also, don’t lower or move the window glasses for the next 3 days.


Are Tinted Windows On A Car Legal?

Well, you can’t just tint a car window as you wish, as there are laws available for car window tint. The law says you should tint a vehicle window within the permitted tint percentage. Here, tint percentage means visible light transmittance.

It’s quite difficult to measure the light transmittance on your own. If you are confused about whether your tint is fine or not, get the window tested by a government inspector.

To know more if one way car window tint is legal or not, read this article:

Can You Wash The Car Right After Tint Installation?

You may install the outside of the car once the tint is installed inside. If you install the tint outside the window, wait at least 3-4 days to wash it. Also, keep the tinted windows up for 3 days and don’t roll them down.

If there are any bubbles on the tint, don’t get worried. These are because of the moisture in the car and will evaporate within 4-5 days.

Is It Possible To Get Creases Out Of The Tint?

Yes, getting creases out of the tint is very much possible. This happens if the tint is cheap and not crafted with quality material. To get the crease out the window, you may use a hair dryer.

Hold the hair dryer close to the tint and apply heat to it. Take a credit card and place the edge of the card on the crease. Drag the card in an end direction and apply heat with the hair dryer. That’s how you get the crease out of the tint.

What Are Laws About Tinting Your Car Windows?

There are tint window laws that indicate the tint percentage for different windows and windshields. For most states, the windshield is accepted with 4-6 inches of tint. Also, the states don’t allow any other colored tint except black.

There are three different categories for tint percentage. Front side windows, back side windows, and rear side windows. You should apply according to the allowed percentage by your state.

How Much Should A Decent Car Window Tint Cost?

The price actually depends on the quality you are purchasing. Tinting your whole car may cost you $100 – $400. The better quality you choose, the more you need to spend.

You should always spend on quality tint. As they will protect you from UV and will also provide eye comfort, you should not spend money on cheap ones. Ensure to tint the car with experts, as the wrong installation may diminish its beauty.

Final Thoughts

As there is no major benefit to installing the tint outside, so there should not be any more confusion about whether you can put a tint outside of the car window or not.

Tinting outside is not a good idea at all. Install it inside the car to get the best result. Also, ensure you take proper care of it during and after the installation. 


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