Why Is My Car Battery Keeps Dying But Alternator Is Good

Why Is My Car Battery Keeps Dying But Alternator Is Good? [Explained]

If the car battery is not getting properly recharged, it will go flat anytime soon. The battery also goes flat when the alternator is faulty. Is it possible that the car battery keeps dying but alternator is good?

The car battery may die if there is a problem with the charging system. Not riding long trips with the car damages the battery with a good alternator. Old electrical components draw more power from the battery and make it flat. Extreme weather is another reason why the car battery goes flat.

If the car battery keeps dying, it will be a mess. You should definitely find out what’s the reason behind this. Go through this article to know more about this.  

Reasons Why Car Battery Die With a Good Alternator: Check Facts

To know more about the possible reasons why car batteries keep dying with a good alternator, go through the points below.

1. Faulty Charging System

A faulty charging system is responsible if the battery keeps dying, but the alternator is not good. There won’t be enough charge stored on the battery to supply the alternator. Hence, the battery will go flat.

2. No Long Trips

Short trips are very bad for the car and the battery’s health. There will be a bad effect of the short trips on the battery. Whether you have a good or bad alternator, short trips will always affect the battery and the alternator. 

To ensure proper car battery maintenance, you should have regular trips of a good duration. This will complete the proper charging cycle of the battery as short trips don’t let the alternator get charged from the battery.

3. Old Electrical Components

If the vehicle still has the old electrical components attached to the machine, there will be comparatively more battery drain than usual. The old components will drain more charge and will make the battery flat.

The radio, navigation system, clock, and other components should be updated as per the model of the vehicle.

4. Extreme Weather

Sometimes, the weather is also responsible for making your car battery flat. Extreme cold or hot weather is very bad for the battery.

This changes the usual reaction time of the battery components. So, the battery gets damaged as it can’t charge the alternator.

5. Parasitic Drain

The parasitic drain occurs when the electrical components draw energy from the battery, even when the vehicle is not running.

Car lights, door-ajar switch lights, and other indicators consume power when the engine is not running. This power consumption has an effect on the car battery.

How To Prevent Car Battery From Dying: Easy Solutions

It’s easy to ensure your battery stays fine. By taking proper care of the battery, you will be able to save the battery from dying.

Disconnect Unnecessary Components 

To prevent the car from parasitic draws, you should disconnect the unnecessary components such as lights and radio when you don’t need them. For example – sometimes, car owners don’t even know the door ajar switch indicator is on for hours.

So, always check your car and the components to save battery charge.

Drive Regularly

This is a common technique to ensure the best health of your battery. Regular driving will let the battery get properly charged and won’t get flat easily. It’s recommended to drive for at least 30 minutes at a time.

Check Terminals

Battery terminals get corroded very easily. They should be cleaned regularly. If there is corrosion or rust in the terminals, the car battery won’t be able to complete the regular flow with the alternator. 

Conduct A Car Mechanic

You may contact a professional car mechanic if you cannot figure out why your car is dying and how to solve it. As it’ll be tough to test and check individual parts of a car. So, getting a solution from a professional car mechanic is better.


What Can Drain A Car Battery When The Car Is Off?

There can be car battery drain for several reasons. If the door is open when the car is off, there will be a door ajar switch light indicator in the car. This also drains the battery. If the interior lights are on for a long time, there will be a huge battery drain.

If nothing is turned on inside the car, there may be a problem with the alternator or the charging system.

Why Is The Car Battery Constantly Draining?

The main reason for this problem can be detected by checking the possible factors. An old worn-out battery is also responsible for a constant drain of the battery. The battery will constantly drain if the car has a defective alternator.

There can be problems with the charging system as well if there is constant draining of the car battery. Not taking proper care of the battery also damages its charge-holding capacity.

How To Know If The Alternator Is Draining The Car Battery?

If there is a problem with the battery charging, that can be because of the alternator. The symptoms of a bad alternator are pretty different from a bad battery.

If the alternator is bad, there will be a problem with the interior lights or headlights. You may hear a growling noise when you try to start the car. Also, a bad or overheated alternator smells like burning rubber.

What Can Drain A Car Battery Besides The Alternator?

Not only the alternator but there are also many reasons for car battery drain. There will be battery drainage if the battery connection is loose or corroded. Extreme weather also drains the charge of a battery as it can’t get completely charged.

Parasitic Draw is another common reason for battery drain. When the engine is off, electrical components draw power from the alternator, and there is no way for the alternator to get recharged.

Final Thoughts

I guess you are no longer confused why the car battery keeps dying but alternator is good. There must be some problem with the charging system or the electrical components.

Take care of the car battery and ensure proper charging by taking regular long drives. Also, clean the terminals and make sure there is no rust or corrosion on them.


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