How To Dispose Of A Car Battery

How To Dispose Of A Car Battery? [A Complete Guide]

A car battery should be replaced every 3 to 4 years. If you plan to replace the car battery, you should know the proper disposal method before getting a new one. So, how to dispose of a car battery?

With proper safety gear, detach the battery from the car by removing the negative wire first. Put the battery into a leak-proof plastic bag. Contact the nearby battery recycling center and drop off the battery there. The battery can also be disposed of at a local auto repair shop.

A car battery should always be disposed of in the proper method, whether it’s old or dead. The disposal method is easy and safe if you can follow the proper procedures. 

4 Steps To Dispose Of A Car Battery: Check Now

To dispose of the car battery, you need to remove the battery from the car. You should take proper precautions before disposing of a car battery. Here is a detailed guideline for disposing of a car battery.

step 1: Wear Safety Gear

As you are disposing of a car battery, that may have acid leakage on the body. The powerful acid will seriously affect the skin at any contact. So, to keep yourself safe, wear safety goggles and gloves.  

step 2: Remove The Battery

Now, you need to locate and remove the battery from the car. First, disconnect the battery. It’s very important to detach the negative terminal first and then the positive one.

Make sure the terminals don’t touch each other while removing the battery. Check if there is any strap attached to the battery of the vehicle. If there is any, untie it and bring the battery out of the vehicle.

step 3: Wrap The Car Battery

You should now wrap the car battery in a leak-proof plastic bag. If acid leakage is visible on the battery, double-wrap the battery with a plastic bag. While inserting the battery into the bag, keep the battery upright.

step 4: Drop Off The Battery

Now, there are two options for you. You may follow any of the below.

Option 1: Recycling Center: You may contact the nearby recycling center to drop off the packed battery. Find the location of your state’s recycling center and contact them. Some states offer a pickup service as well.

Option 2: Local Auto Repair Shop: The alternative to the recycling center is contacting your local auto repair shop. If you plan to install the new battery from any auto repair shop, you may first ask them if they accept the old battery as a deposit.

Some of the auto repair stores require the old or core battery to install a new one. So, there will be no hassle for the car owner. Contact the store you want to replace your battery with if they have this service.

Mistakes To Avoid While Disposing Of A Car Battery: Read Now

Though it’s pretty easy to dispose of a car battery, still you should stay careful to avoid any mistakes. Here are some facts that should be considered while disposing of a car battery.


While disconnecting the battery, you should remove the negative terminal first and then the positive one. Disconnecting the positive terminal first may create a huge spark and explode the battery. 


You should be careful while carrying the battery. The battery should be kept upright all the time. If you are driving with the battery, make sure it’s steady. Otherwise, the fluids may drain from the inside.


Can You Throw Batteries In The Dustbin?

It’s not recommended at all to throw batteries in the dustbin whether they are dead or fine. Disposing of dead batteries in the normal bin will have a chance of short-circuits and even fire.

Before throwing batteries in the dustbin, cover the ends with tape and put the batteries in a leak-proof container. This will be the safest disposal of batteries in the dustbin.

Are Dead Car Batteries Hazardous?

When a battery can’t generate the required power and the voltage drops, it’s considered dead. Even a dead battery should be handled cautiously as they are still risky for human health and the environment as well.

Car Batteries are hazardous as they are made of sulphuric acid and other chemicals. These chemicals can still be hazardous when the battery is dead. Contact with these chemicals can do serious damage to human skin and others.

Can You Throw Car Batteries In The Ocean?

It’s not safe to throw car batteries in the ocean. This is going to pollute the water. There are so many lives on the ocean. Throwing a car battery is going to risk all of their lives. Cobalt, Lithium, Nickel, and other chemicals in the battery may affect the surrounding.

Car batteries are more powerful than other batteries. Throwing car batteries into the ocean is illegal, as per the law of most states.

Is Touching A Car Battery Toxic?

Touching a battery isn’t toxic, as there will be a proper seal of the battery. If there is a leak in the battery and acid on the body, it’s toxic. You shouldn’t touch the battery now as it includes powerful sulphuric acid.

If the acid somehow gets on your skin, irritation and even burning can occur. Car batteries are way more potent than traditional batteries. So, don’t touch a car battery if it’s cracked or not properly sealed.

What Can You Do With An Old Car Battery?

There will be no problem or hassle with an old battery. You can contact your state recycling center to send your old battery for disposal. Also, pack the battery in a leak-proof container and take it with you when you are going to purchase a new battery in the store. They will send it to the disposal center.

Don’t throw the old battery in the bin without a proper seal, as this will be very much dangerous for the environment.

Can Old Car Batteries Be Reused?

Car batteries can be reused if they are disposed of properly. There are battery disposal centers in almost every country. If you manage to dispose of your battery as instructed, it will go for recycling.

Car batteries are the most recycled products in the USA. Reusing car batteries is very good for the environment. So, just toss them into the bin. Find and contact your nearby recycling location.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to dispose of a car battery and what are the risks of removing a car battery without proper protection. The battery recycling center does the job efficiently.

Just remove the battery as instructed and contact them. You can even dispose of the battery by contacting the local auto repair shop.


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