Why Is Battery Leaking Acid

Why Is Battery Leaking Acid? [Check The Facts]

If you see fluids coming from your car battery, they are probably the battery’s acid. Driving a car with battery leakage will be very risky. Do you know why your car battery is leaking acid?

Battery leaks acid when it’s cracked or expired. Overcharging a car battery heats the battery and leaks the acid. In this case, the fluids inside the battery boil and try to come out of the battery. A manufacturing defect is also a reason why batteries leak acid.

If your battery is leaking acid, it’s safe to replace it with a new one. Using a defective car battery will prevent the car from starting. So, don’t drive with any battery that is leaking acid.

Reasons Why Your Car Battery Is Leaking Acid: Read Now

If there is any acid leakage in your car battery, there can be multiple reasons. Here are some common reasons that cause acid leaking in a car battery.

1. Overcharging

Overcharging is one of the major reasons why car battery leak acid. If the battery is overcharged, the acid electrolyte inside the battery will boil and try to come out of the battery. The leaked acid then contaminates the metal parts of the battery, which causes battery corrosion.

That’s how overcharging leaks battery acid and damages the battery.

2. Too Much Old

If the battery is too old, there can be damage to the material. A car battery usually lasts for 3 to 5 years. So, if it’s older than that and there is acid leaking out of the battery, age can be a possible reason for that.

3. Cracked Or Damaged

If the battery is not connected properly in place, too much vibration or shake may crack the battery. Because of the cracks, the electrolyte solution of a battery may leak and come out.  

4. Manufacturing Defect

Sometimes, battery leakage can happen for manufacturing defects. Though it’s a rare case, around 7% of car batteries come with a manufacturing defect. Along with acid leakage,  manufacturing defects in a battery may also cause swelling, overheating, fires, and even explosions. 

5. Weather

Too much hot weather is another reason why a car battery leaks acid. Battery fluids start to evaporate in extremely hot weather and lead to acid leaks. This damages the battery and affects the charge-holding capacity as well. 

Too cold weather is responsible for damaging the lifespan of a car battery. The fluids react slower than usual in cold weather and damage the battery’s working cycle.

Car Battery Acid Leak: What Should You Do

Now you know about the possible reasons, let’s find out what actions to take if your car battery is leaking acid.

Well, fixing and reusing a leaked car battery is never recommended. If the battery leaks acid, it may corrode any part of the car that it touches as it contains powerful sulphuric acid. 

If the leaked acid touches any part of the battery, you should clean them carefully. Rinse the part with water to neutralize and prevent the part from any further damage.

So, you are recommended to replace the battery. Go to any store and get a new car battery. The damaged one should be carefully put into the trash by packing it into a plastic container and bringing it to the nearby parts store.

The new car battery should be installed by a professional car battery mechanic. So, conduct a professional to get the best installation of a new battery.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Car Battery: Enhance The Lifespan 

Proper maintenance of the car battery will deliver you better performance with an extended lifespan. Here are some car battery maintenance tips you may follow.

Tip 1: Regular Maintenance

There is some common battery maintenance that you should regularly perform to avoid any damage. To avoid the terminals from rust and corrosion, you may clean them with a mixture of water and baking soda.

Remove the connections first. While disconnecting the terminals, always detach the negative one first. In the same way, connect the positive one first.

Tip 2: Charging

Overcharging a battery damages its lifespan. Therefore, once a battery is charged, disconnect the charger. You may use a smart battery charger that automatically stops charging once the battery is charged.

Tip 3: Cable Connection

A wrong connection always damages electric parts. If you have disconnected the battery, make sure to reconnect it with proper caution. If you have doubts about the connection, conduct a professional to solve things.

You can read this article too: https://automotiveplanner.com/how-to-connect-a-car-battery/

Tip 4: Tighten The Container

The vibration and shake of the car will damage the battery if it isn’t stable. A car battery is usually placed in a hold-down with bolts. Tighten the bolts that are holding the battery with the car. If the bolts are damaged, replace them with new ones.

Tip 5: Use A Battery Heater

If you are driving the car in extremely cold conditions, the battery fluids may freeze and slow down the reactions. So, using a heater will be recommended in such conditions. A battery heater is designed as a cover that fits the battery and keeps it warm. 


Is A Car Battery Still Good If It Leaks Acid?

If a car battery leaks acid, it will be very dangerous, and you shouldn’t reuse it anymore. The leaking acid will damage and corrode the other parts of the car as well.

A leaked car battery can be explosive. You are never recommended to use a leaked battery. There can be fire anytime from a battery that leaks acid. Replace the battery with a new one to keep you and your car safe.

Can You Get Sick From Smelling Battery Acid?

If a car battery leaks, the chemicals will be liquid and vapor in the air. Smelling battery acid may get you sick. Inhaling too much sulfuric acid from the leakage can cause pulmonary edema, a severe lung condition.

A leaked battery smells very bad. If you stay around the leaked battery for a long time, you might suffocate and get sick even if you don’t inhale the chemicals. 

Is It Ok To Touch Battery Acid?

It’s never recommended to touch battery acid. As battery acid is toxic, there can be chemical burns from it. The effect may not show up instantly, but you will suffer the toxicity of the acid within hours.

Also, touching battery acid may cause irritation in the skin. The powerful sulphuric acid is very much reactive to the skin. Too much contact with the acid may burn human tissue and other organic materials.

Can Car Battery Acid Start A Fire?

Depending on the battery condition and the environment, the car battery can start a fire by reacting with the air and hydrogen. Car batteries are usually strong and more powerful than other batteries. So, they have huge energy inside the batteries.

A faulty battery can also catch fire when overcharged. There will be a huge risk of explosion from a faulty battery. A defective battery with the spark of the engine may start a fire.

How To Know If Your Car’s Battery Is Leaking?

There are some signs that a car battery is leaking acid. Cracks and bubbling liquids are the common sign that you will notice. The battery starts changing its shape and may appear distorted. The cracks appear in a leaked battery as the fluids try to come out of it.

There will be issues with starting the car with a leaked battery. It also smells very bad when a car battery leaks acid. 

Can You Drive With A Car Battery Leaking Acid?

It’s not recommended to drive with a car battery that is leaking acid. Driving a car with acid leakage will now spread the acid into other parts of the car. Hence, other parts will get damaged as well.

Also, it will be tough to wipe the parts if they get acid in contact. Using or charging a battery of such a condition increases the risk of explosion.

Final Thoughts

Battery leaking acid is a common issue of a damaged battery. If the battery is cracked or overcharged, it will leak acid. Sometimes, an expired car battery also leaks acid. Proper maintenance of the battery will save you any major damage.

Don’t overcharge the car battery. Also, make sure to install the battery perfectly on the container. If somehow your car battery leaks acid, don’t reuse it and get a new one for safety.


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