Why Is My Car Battery Overcharging

Why Is My Car Battery Overcharging? [Check The Facts]

For a smooth ride, you should always ensure a flawless car battery and proper maintenance of it. There will be many problems if you do not properly care for the battery. Car battery overcharging is one common issue you may face. 

The car battery overcharges if there is any problem with the voltage regulator or the alternator. The voltage regulator won’t be able to maintain a steady voltage flow and will cause the battery to overcharge. Overcharging also occurs if there is a problem with the charger or the battery terminals.

As there are so many possible reasons for a car battery overcharging, you should have a proper idea about the problems and the solutions. This article will guide you through both.

4 Main Reasons That Cause A Car Battery To Overcharge: Read Now

A car battery connects so many components of the car. Hence, there are multiple reasons why a car battery may overcharge. Here are a few of them.

1. Voltage Regulator

A car battery may overcharge due to the voltage regulator of the alternator. The voltage regulator maintains a steady voltage flow in the battery.

When it’s faulty, the battery may receive either less or too much charge. So, when it sends too much charge, the battery will overcharge.  

2. Faulty Alternator

A faulty alternator is another common reason for the battery to get overcharged. The alternator converts the engine’s mechanical power into electrical power, and that’s how the battery gets charged.

When the alternator is faulty, it will send too much energy and will cause the car battery to overcharge.

3. Charger

If the car battery charger is not working properly or has been installed incorrectly, there will be a battery overcharging of the car.

Sometimes, the charger problem can also be a part of the manufacturing defect. Using an improper car charger also causes a car battery to overcharge. 

4. Corroded Terminals

Damaged terminals are also a reason why there are problems with the car battery. The battery will overcharge if there is corrosion on the positive terminal. In the same way, the battery faces undercharging when there is corrosion on the negative terminal.

Effective Ways To Fix Overcharging Of Car Battery: Check Solutions

If your car battery is overcharging, there are 3 ways that you may try to fix the issue. Conduct the help of a professional car mechanic if you don’t know the car parts.

1. Avoid Extreme Heat

If there is any problem with the alternator or the battery, extreme heat increases the chance of the battery overcharging. You should avoid extreme weather while driving for too long. 

2. Add Distilled Water

Distilled water sometimes works great to fix car battery overcharging. Check the battery’s water level and add distilled water if there is not enough water on it. Adding distilled water prevents the acid from getting over-concentrated. 

3. Conduct A Mechanic

Sometimes, it’s tough to find out the exact reason why your car battery is overcharging. If you cannot detect the main reason why the car battery is overcharging, it’s better to conduct a professional car mechanic. 

3 Tips For Car Battery Maintenance: Prevent Overcharging & Other Problems

To ensure your car battery lasts long, it should be appropriately maintained. If you don’t take proper care of the battery, problems like overcharging, overheating, and more will indeed occur. 

Tip 1: Use AGM Battery

Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are better than traditional car batteries. There will be less effect of heat in AGM batteries as they have a low self-discharge feature. AGM batteries will show fewer side-effects in extremely low or heat conditions.

Tip 2: Clean The Battery Terminals

Corroded or rusted terminals create so many problems in a battery. Make sure the terminals are always clean. If you notice any corrosion in the terminal, clean them with baking soda. 

Tip 3: Drive Regularly

A battery will stay fine if you drive it regularly. Don’t go for short trips, as this damages the battery and its cycle. Drive for at least 30 minutes to an hour during a drive. This will prevent the battery from getting affected. 


What Are The Symptoms Of An Overcharged Car Battery?

An overcharged battery can be identified by checking its symptoms. The most common symptom of an overcharged car battery is it’s going to be hot on both sides. Also, the battery’s shape will start to change with some curves on the side.

Overcharging causes the battery to lose water quickly. You may also get an acidic smell from the battery when it overcharges frequently.

How Do You Stop The Car Battery From Overcharging?

To prevent the car battery from overcharging, you should always ensure the proper maintenance of the car. Check if the battery is getting the correct amount of voltage and the condition of the voltage regulator.

Also, check the battery charger regularly. You should also take proper care of the alternator and the battery terminals to prevent the car battery from worsening its condition. Driving the car regularly also keeps the battery condition stable.

Do Alternators Overcharge Batteries?

Yes, alternators can be a reason why the car battery is overcharging. A faulty alternator will generate too much power or electricity, which will eventually overcharge the battery.

If the alternator is faulty, there will be an indication of a red battery light on the dashboard. You should never drive with a faulty alternator. So, conduct a professional car mechanic if you have one.

Can A Battery Recover From Overcharging?

An overcharged battery can be recovered, but it still depends on the battery’s condition. You should first find the exact reason why the car battery is overcharging.

For example, If the battery is overcharging because of the corroded positive terminal, it can be fixed by cleaning the terminals.

Final Thoughts

Now you know why taking proper care of the car battery is crucial.  If you can ensure proper battery maintenance, there will be no issues at all. Otherwise, you may need to deal with problems such as car battery overcharging. 

There will be issues with the voltage regulator or alternator you need to fix. So, it’s better to ensure the proper care of the car battery.


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