How To Paint Car Seats Leather

How To Paint Car Seats Leather? [A Complete Guideline]

Car seats may get dull after long use. If you plan to colour your seats, there are a few steps to follow. Without proper elements, it’s quite tough to paint car seats leather. Interested to know about the painting procedure?

To prepare the seat for painting, clean the leather with rejuvenator oil. Wipe specks of dirt with a cloth and spray pristine oil now. The seats should be scrubbed with a sponge or grit paper. Once the seat is dry, apply paint using a polishing cloth or spray gun.

You should follow every step while painting the car seats leather. The surface should be prepared first before applying the painting. 

7 Steps To Paint Car Seats Leather: Get The Perfect Look

It may be challenging to paint car seats leather if you don’t know where to begin. This step-by-step guide will help you paint your car seat leather to perfection.

Step 1: Detach The Car Seats

It will be easier to paint car seat leather if you detach the seats from the car. This will let you clean and wash every corner of the seat comfortably.

Detach the seats and place in them an open space. Unlock and detach the wire and the screws that are connected to the seats.

Step 2: Get The Equipment

First, you need to get the required equipment for the painting. If you are planning to paint the seat colour other than white or black, you may bring a sample to the shop to match the Dye colour.

Also, get a rejuvenator oil, pristine clean oil, and prepping agent for the painting.  Get the right amount of dye and oil based on the number of seats since it’s best to finish the painting at once.

Step 3: Clean The Seats

It is essential to clean the leather seats perfectly before painting them. The painting will only look stunning if the leather is cleaned thoroughly. To clean the seats, you are required to use rejuvenator oil.

Add rejuvenator oil to a spray bottle and apply it to the seat. Rub the seat with a cloth, or you can even use your hand if it’s sensitive to chemicals. Make sure the oil reaches every corner of the seat.

Now, leave the seats for around 48 hours. This will make it easy to wipe the dirt off the seats.

Step 4: Use The pristine Oil

In this step, use pristine oil and a microfiber cloth to wipe off the dirt from the leather. Soak the cloth in warm water before wiping to get the best result.

Spray the pristine oil into the seat and wipe with the cloth. All the dirt and grime will now come off the seat.

Step 5: Use Pepping Agent

Before applying the pepping agent, wipe the oil with a rugged cloth. Pour the pepping agent into a container. Soak a scrub sponge into the pepping agent and start scrubbing the seat. This will help the colour to set perfectly into the seat.

600-grit paper can be used as an alternative to a scrub sponge. The better you scrub, the better painting you will get.

Once you have scrubbed the whole seat, wipe it with a wet rug and let it dry.

Step 6: Apply The Dye

Now you are ready to apply the painting to the seat. Before applying the paint, cover the part you don’t want to paint with tape. There are two ways you may paint the car seats leather. Here are the details. 

1. Using Hand & Polishing Cloth: First, shake the Dye bottle and pour it into a container. Use a polishing cloth and dip it into the dye. Now, wipe the colour slowly into the seat. This won’t get you a perfect coating, as it’s just the first layer of the painting. Repeat the coating 4-5 times to prepare it for the perfect colour.

2. Using Spray Gun: This method can be applied if you have a spray gun. Apply coating till the layer looks perfectly coloured. Spray the edges and the stitches of the seat to let them get coloured perfectly.

Step 7: The Final Part

The final step of painting car seat leather doesn’t require any hard work. Just check the leather colour, and if it looks thin, apply another layer of coating with the spray or the cloth. Let the seat dry completely before attaching or using it again.

Mistakes To Avoid While Painting Car Seats Leather: Read Now

Painting car seat leather in the wrong way may damage the seat. So, you should be aware of the common mistakes that must be avoided.

Using Detergents For Cleaning

You may think of using detergent as an alternative to rejuvenator oil. Well, this can damage the leather of your car. Detergents will be harsh on the leather skin. So, use the recommended materials for cleaning.

Dying In Direct Sunlight

You should avoid direct sunlight while dying car seat leather. The leather will lose the spark and may get damaged by direct sunlight.


Which Colour Is Best For A Car Seat Leather?

There are a variety of colors available to use for car seats. You should go for the one that matches the color of the interior of the car. Black colour is the most recommend one to use for leather seats.

Black suits with almost every car model. Also, the specks of dirt will be less visible in black coloured leather. Sometimes, a combination of colours makes the seats look better.

Can You Recolour Leather Car Seats?

It’s possible to recolour leather car seats. To prepare a leather car seat for painting, you should follow the proper procedure. The seat should be cleaned and washed with the proper ingredients.

Also, you are required to scrub the leather with a sponge or grit paper before painting. Apply multiple levels of the coating to the leather to get a perfect colour.

How Long Does Leather Paint Take To Dry?

A thin layer of paint doesn’t take much time to dry. Dining the thin layer of coating will take 10-20 minutes. Once you complete the coating, the final paint will take around 24 hours to get completely dry.

To ensure the paint is completely dried, you may use a hairdryer. Don’t paint or dry the leather car seats in direct sunlight, which may damage the leather surface.

Final Thoughts

I guess now you are clear about how to paint car seats leather. Use proper ingredients and follow the steps as instructed.

Don’t use any cheap chemicals or paint while painting the leather seats. Clean the seats perfectly before applying the paint to get the best result. 

To make the painting more convenient, you may detach the seats from the car and put them in an open space but not in direct sunlight. Make sure to dry the seats for at least 24 hours once the painting is done.


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