How Can Cars Back Seats Fold Flat

How Can Cars Back Seats Fold Flat? [For Any Model]

Modern cars have a very good space in the interior. Folding the back seats helps to enhance the space and use it for multiple applications. Is the fold flat option for car back seats available in all models of cars?

Except for some of the super luxury cars, the folding car back seat option is available in every model of individual brands. The rear seats can be folded by just pressing the switch placed beside or behind the seats. Before that, adjust the headrest and remove any objects from the seats.

The updated models made this process easier to eliminate the confusion and hassle for car owners. There is no manual folding required in most cars. Just prepare it for folding and press the switch.

4 Steps To Fold Flat Car Rear Seats: Easiest Method

The technique of folding the back seat may vary, but it’s very much easy. Here is a complete overview of the process that will apply to most car models.

Step 1: Remove Passengers & Objects

First, you need to remove any objects and the passengers from the rear seat. The seats should be free and empty. Make sure there is nothing in front of the leg rest as well. Anything between the seats will prevent them from folding.

Step 2: Headrest

Now, you need to lower the headrests. You will have a switch or release tab to push the headrest down in most of the cars. Some cars have a fold option for the headrest. Fold or lower the headrest as per the car design and model.

Step 3: Detach The Seatbelts

Some of the models have seat belts attached from the top, such as Mercedes. This needs to be detached before folding the rear seat. Unplug the seat belt and put it in the placeholder.

Step 4: Fold The Seats

It’s time to fold the back seats. The switch to fold the seats is usually placed on either side of the seats or in the back.

Find the switch and press it to fold the seat. Some of the car models require folding the seat parts separately, such as Mercedes. You need to hold the cushion and the back of the seat separately.

In this case, first, pull the cushion up to fold it and then the back part. If there is not enough space for the backrest, forward the front seat a bit to get even space for the seats.

Step 4: Unfold [Optional]

If you want to unfold the seats, pull the seat up in reverse. Check if there is any lock or release tab for the seats. Unfolding the seats is always accessible and won’t take much time.

That’s all about folding and unfolding car back seats. They are designed simply and can be done by yourself.

Switch Position To Fold The Rear Back Seat In Different Car Models: Find Yours

The folding switch position is not the same for every brand. Here is a short comparison of the switch placement for different popular models.

Car BrandSwitch Position
BMW X5Cargo Area
Mercedes M-ClassLower Corner Of The Backrest
HyundaiRear Seat / Cargo Area
Toyota FJ CruiserTop Of The Seat
Honda CivicBehind The Seat
Land Rover DiscoveryRemote Control
Switch Position To Fold The Rear Back Seat In Different Car Models

Troubleshooting Common Car Back Seats Fold Issues: Check Solutions

The most common back seat fold issue is not moving the back seat. If the back gets stuck, you won’t be able to fold the seat anymore. If you are facing an issue with folding a car’s back seat, here are some possible solutions.

1. Check The Switches

There are multiple switches to move or fold the car seats. Check if there is any blockage while pressing the switch. The switches won’t move freely as before if there is something stuck between the switches.

2. Check Misplaced Cable

This is a common problem for seat latches. Sometimes, the cable that controls the fold of the seat gets misplaced. To get the cable in place, you need to open the back cover of the seat and check where it lost the track.

The back cover is usually attached with clips and made of thin layers. So, detach the cover carefully to prevent breakage.

3. Use Some Lubricant

An old model car with heavy use will create issues with the latches and the switches. You may use lubricants to get the switches to work smoothly with no rust or dirt in between.

4. Conduct A Professional

There are so many parts and wires in a car. For a general user, it’s impossible to find a reason for every issue with a car. If you are not finding the exact reason for the problem, it’s better to conduct a professional car mechanic. 

The problem may sound simple, but any wrong troubleshooting will damage parts of the car. Reach out to a professional with the car if you can’t find the exact solution.


Do Back Seats Fold Down In Suzuki Swift?

At a competitive price, the Suzuki Swift offers a powerful engine and features. There is a huge space in the boot of the car. It has 265 liters of space in the boot. The space can be enhanced by folding the back seat of the car.

Suzuki Swift comes with foldable back seats. The seats split at 60:40. You just need to press the clips on top to fold the back seats in a Suzuki Swift.

Is Foldable Rear Seat A Major Feature Of A Car?

Folding the rear seat of a car enhances space in the car. This feature is very much important if you are required to carry lots of cargo in the car. You will also be benefited from this feature if you are going out for any camp or trip with family.

The feature is available in most cars. It’s obviously one of the major features of a car as it provides so much flexibility to a user.

How Do You Fold The Backseat Of A Mercedes?

The rear seat foldable feature is available in Mercedes as well. It’s pretty easy to fold the rear seats in a Mercedes car. To fold the backseat in a Mercedes car, you need to lower the seat’s headrests first.

First, pull up the cushion area and fold it all the way forward. To fold the backrest, you need to adjust the front seat a bit. 

Do BMW Seats Fold Down?

Most BMW models are equipped with foldable rear seat features. The seats can be folded down separately or all together. It’s very easy to fold a BMW car’s rear seat. Two switches are placed in the cargo area behind the seats.

Pull the switch on the left to fold the left rear seat. Similarly, pull the right switch to fold the right rear seat. To bring it back in place, just pull the seat up.

What Is The Difference Between 60:40 And 40:20:40 Split-Folding Seats?

You may have noticed a ratio of folding car seats in the advertisement. This basically indicates the individual folding option. The rear seat is normally divided into three parts. Two outboard seats and a middle seat. In the 60:40 option, the middle seat is attached to any of the outboard seats.

So, you will be able to fold the seats at 100% or 60%, or 40%. On the other hand, the other option, the 40:20:40 ratio, allows you to fold the middle seat individually, the rest is the same

Do All Cars Back Seats Fold Down?

It’s a matter of confusion for users if it’s possible to fold the back seats in any car. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in every car. Cars that focus on inner space usually contain this feature, such as family cars.

The new luxury sedans don’t have any foldable rear seats. In most cars, enhancing features(control, electronics) in the backseat, this foldable feature is eliminated.  

Final Thoughts

The car back seat folding option is a great feature and brings many benefits in different situations. Most cars are compatible with this feature, and they made the folding process easier in recent models.

Car back seat folding can be done by anyone. Just lower the headrest and find the switch for folding. Press it and pull the seats down. 

The seat for folding is usually placed with the rear seats. Some cars come with remote folding, such as the Land Rover Discovery. Hence, there will be no problem folding a car back seat of any model.


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