Is Replacing Seats In A Car Possible

Is Replacing Seats In A Car Possible? [A Complete Guide]

If your car seats don’t look and feel good anymore, it’s time to change them. You can replace the front or rear seats of the car or both. The process of replacing seats in a car may sound complicated, but it is very easy.

To replace the seats of a car, you should remove the old seats first. Front seats can be detached by removing the bolts under the seats. The rear seats should be removed separately, first the cushion and then the backrest. To install new seats, put the seats in place and tighten the screws. 

Replacing seats in a car can be done by anyone who is an expert with tools. After installation, be careful while reconnecting any wires you have detached. Continue reading to know how to remove car seats from the base and install new ones. 

4 Steps To Remove Front Seats In A Car: Check Now

The front and rear seats of the car are installed separately. So, you should first install the front seat and the driver seat first. Here is the guideline for the front seats. 

Step 1: Disconnect The Battery

The first step is required if the car has auto seats that move without the battery power. If you have manual seats, the battery should be connected to let the seat move forward and backward to remove the bolts under the seats.

Step 2: Remove The Bolts

There are basically 4 bolts under a car seat. You need first to move the seat back and remove the front 2 bolts. Next, move the seat forward and remove the bolts from the back.

Step 3: Check The Wiring

Now, move the seat backward and disconnect the batter. You should unplug the negative point first.

Wait for at least 1 hour and check if there is any wire connected to the seats. There will be a wiring harness on the bottom. Unplug this from the seat. 

Step 4: Remove The Seat

The seat is now ready to be removed. Grab your seat and bring it out of the car. Manual seats are usually lighter than power and auto seats. Be careful while pulling the seat out of the car.

2 Steps To Remove Rear Seats In A Car: Easy Guide

The rear seats of the car require a different process to remove. Removing the seats is relatively easy if you have the proper tools. Check the steps to remove the rear seats below.

Step 1: Remove The Backrest

First, fold the backrest of the seat. There will be screws on the bottom corners under the fabric. Take off the screws using a screw extractor. If you now pull the backrest. It will be detached easily.

Now, you need to remove the cushion from the seat. There will be clips under the seats. Put your hand on the clip and pop up to separate the cushions from the base. 

Step 2: Remove The Cushion

There will be a connection between the cushions with the base through screws. You will find these screws on the edges of the cushions. Remove the screws, and the cushion can be removed now.

Steps To Install New Seat In A Car: Easy Guide For Car Owners

Now you have removed the seats, it’s time to install new seats in the car. To install new seats, you may follow the guidelines below. 

1. Get A Compatible Seat

The first step to installing a new seat is to get a compatible one. First check the compatibility if you want to upgrade the interior with new seats. Not all seats are compatible with every model of car.

So, you need to check the compatibility whether you buy the seats from a store or aftermarket. 

2. Install The Seat

You can now install the seats with the proper tools. The installation process is quite the reverse of the removal process. You just need to put the seats in place and attach the screws. Make the connection between the seat and the car.

3. Do A Test Drive

Once the installation is done, you are recommended for a test run. Check if the adjustment and the movement of the seats are smooth or not. Also, make sure the connections are made properly. 

If you have any doubts, conduct a professional car mechanic before running the car on the road.

Mistakes To Avoid While Replacing Seats In A Car: Read Now

Car owners should avoid some common mistakes while installing seats in a car. Without a proper installation, ensuring the highest safety for a ride is impossible.

1. Wrong Seat Model

The first mistake that car owners make is choosing the wrong seat model. They focus so much on the interior that they forget to get the compatible one. If the seat is incompatible with the car, it will be tough to match and connect the screws.

2. Seatbelt

With the new car seat, you are required to get seatbelts as well. It’s totally illegal to ride a car without seatbelts. Make sure the seat belt fits well with the seats and the passenger as well. 

3. No Testing

Whether you are a professional or not, it’s always recommended to check the seat once the installation is complete. Test the seat, adjustment, and seatbelts to check they are installed properly.


How Much Does It Cost To Replace Seats In A Car?

The cost to replace seats in a car depends on so many factors. There are car seats available in different materials. Fabric, vinyl, and leather are popular materials used for car seats. The replacement per seat of a car will cost you around $200 to 1000$ and more.

Using premium leather for car seats will cost you more. If there are only 4 seats in the car, the seats can be changed with less expense.

Can You Install New Seats In A Car?

If you have damaged or old car seats, It’s possible to install new ones. By installing new car seats, you will have better comfort and appearance of the car. To install new seats in a car, you are required to get a compatible pair of seats for the car. Detach the old ones and install the new seats.

Before installing new seats, check if there is any cable connected to the seats. Detach the cables to prevent any damage.

Can You Replace Seat Belts In A Car?

If you are replacing the seats of your car, get compatible seat belts. Also, make sure you’re installing the seatbelt with a professional. As any wrong installation may get you into serious trouble & it’s mandatory to have and use seatbelts in a car.

Get a new one of the same brand and model. You can even find compatible seat belts for your car by mentioning the car model in the store. Conduct a professional mechanic to have the perfect installation.

When Should You Replace Seats In A Car?

Seats of cars usually last for a long time, and they don’t usually get many issues. Still, there is a time when you need to replace the seats. If the seats have been used for years, and the adjustments of the seats are not working, it’s time to replace the seats with new ones.

Sometimes, the cushion and the backrest lose their softness and make it very uncomfortable for a user to ride. If you are feeling the same, change seats.

Can You Swap the Passenger and Driver Seats?

The passenger seat and the driver seat may look the same, but it’s not possible to swap a passenger seat with the driver seat. The reclining and adjusting control is different on the seats.

Some cars include airbags in the seats. So, if you swap the driver seat with the passenger, the airbag won’t help during any collisions. It will be a mess to fix the seats with the center console.

Final Thoughts

I guess now you know everything about replacing seats in a car. The procedure is very much easy and won’t require any professional to complete. Still, it’s recommended to conduct a professional if you have any confusion.

Car seats can be replaced by getting compatible seats. Detach the old ones by unplugging the bolts and connections.

Install the new ones by making connections between the base and the seats. Be careful while connecting the wires and the wiring harness.


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