Carhartt VS Weathertech Seat Covers

Carhartt VS Weathertech Seat Covers: Which Will Be The Best?

Looking to safeguard your vehicle’s interior with the best seat covers on the market? Want to find out which brand of Carhartt VS WeatherTech provides the best combination of durability and style? Carhartt and WeatherTech stand out as formidable players, each offering unique advantages tailored to diverse consumer preferences.

Carhartt seat covers prioritize rugged durability and a classic workwear aesthetic. It appeals to those valuing heritage and reliability. In contrast, WeatherTech offers advanced materials. Cutting-edge technology and uncompromising performance are the hallmarks of WeatherTech.

In this comparison, I’ll discuss two leading brands of seat covers, Carhartt and WeatherTech, examining their crucial differences.

Carhartt VS Weathertech Seat Covers: Basic Differences With Comparison Table

Comparing Carhartt and WeatherTech seat covers, I highlight their basic differences in a comprehensive comparison table.

FeatureCarhartt Seat CoversWeatherTech Seat Covers
MaterialDurable duck weave fabricProprietary thermoplastic elastomer compound
FitmentTailored fit for specific vehicle modelsTailored fit for specific vehicle models
PriceCompetitively priced for durabilityPremium pricing for advanced materials and engineering
Customer SatisfactionHighly rated for durability and performancePraised for protection and ease of cleaning
Odor ResistanceMay retain odors over timeResistant to odors and easy to clean
UV ResistanceModerate resistance to UV radiationExcellent resistance to UV radiation
Customization OptionsLimited customization optionsCustomizable options available for some models
Noise ReductionProvides minimal noise reductionMay reduce noise and rattling in some cases
Pet-FriendlyResistant to pet scratches and stainsDesigned to withstand pet-related wear and tear
BreathabilityOffers moderate breathabilityProvides good breathability and comfort
Environmentally FriendlyMade from durable materialsMay offer eco-friendly options with recyclable materials
Installation Tools RequiredBasic tools may be neededTypically no tools required for installation
Compatibility with Heated SeatsCompatible with heated seatsCompatible with heated seats in most cases
LongevityKnown for long-term durabilityDesigned for prolonged use without degradation
Ease of RemovalRemoval process may require some effortEasy to remove for cleaning or maintenance
Temperature RegulationProvides moderate temperature regulationHelps regulate temperature for added comfort
Child Seat CompatibilityCompatible with child seatsCompatible with child seats and LATCH systems
Carhartt VS Weathertech Seat Covers: Comparison Table

Discussion Between Carhartt VS Weathertech Seat Covers With Features

Diving into Carhartt and WeatherTech seat covers, I compare their key features.


Carhartt seat covers are typically made of durable materials like duck weave fabric, known for their ruggedness and resistance to wear and tear. It’s often associated with workwear and offers excellent protection against spills and stains.

WeatherTech seat covers are usually constructed from a proprietary thermoplastic elastomer compound, designed to withstand extreme temperatures and resist water, chemicals, and UV radiation. It provides a waterproof barrier against spills and fluids.


Carhartt seat covers are designed to protect against spills, stains, and everyday wear and tear. They are well-suited for outdoor activities, construction work, or any situation where seats are likely to get dirty.

WeatherTech seat covers offer superior protection against spills, liquids, and harsh environmental elements. They are ideal for pet owners, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone looking to safeguard their vehicle’s interior from damage.


Carhartt seat covers are tailored to fit specific vehicle makes and models, ensuring a snug and precise fit. They often come with custom patterns and designs for different seating configurations.

WeatherTech seat covers are also designed for specific vehicle models, providing a tailored fit that covers every contour of the seats. This precise fit helps to maintain the original upholstery and prevents shifting or bunching.

Ease Of Installation:

Carhartt seat covers are relatively easy to install and typically come with instructions and necessary hardware for a straightforward setup process. They often feature simple attachment mechanisms like straps, buckles, or Velcro.

WeatherTech seat covers are designed for easy installation without special tools or expertise. They usually incorporate a slip-on or snap-on design, allowing for quick and hassle-free installation.


Carhartt seat covers are usually machine washable, making them easy to clean and maintain. They can be tumble-dried on low heat or air-dried for convenience.

WeatherTech seat covers can be cleaned with a damp cloth or mild detergent, thanks to their waterproof and stain-resistant properties. They are also resistant to odors and can be easily wiped clean with minimal effort.

Design Options:

Carhartt seat covers often come in a variety of styles and colors, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your vehicle’s interior or personal taste. Some options may include traditional Carhartt brown, black, or gray, with different accent patterns or stitching styles.

WeatherTech seat covers also offer a range of design options, including different colors and patterns to complement various vehicle interiors. While they may not have the same rugged aesthetic as Carhartt, they still provide a sleek and modern look.

Compatibility With Vehicle Features:

Carhartt seat covers are designed to accommodate various features of your vehicle’s seats, such as adjustable headrests, armrests, and seat-mounted airbags.

They are engineered to maintain full functionality without obstructing any essential controls or safety features.

WeatherTech seat covers are also engineered to be compatible with the specific features of your vehicle’s seats, ensuring that all controls and safety mechanisms remain accessible and functional. They are designed to integrate seamlessly with modern seat designs.


Carhartt seat covers typically come with a warranty that guarantees their quality and durability. The warranty may vary depending on the specific product and manufacturer, but it often provides coverage against defects in materials and workmanship.

WeatherTech seat covers are backed by a limited warranty that protects against manufacturing defects and premature wear. The duration and terms of the warranty may vary depending on the product and region, so it’s essential to review the warranty information before purchasing.


Carhartt seat covers are generally priced competitively, offering excellent value for their durability and performance.

While they may be slightly more expensive than some generic seat covers, they are often considered a worthwhile investment for their quality construction and ruggedness.

WeatherTech seat covers are typically priced at a premium compared to standard seat covers due to their advanced materials and engineering. However, many customers find the added protection and durability to be worth the higher price tag, especially for long-term use.

Final Recommendations:

Choosing between Carhartt and WeatherTech seat covers ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. For rugged durability and a classic workwear vibe, Carhartt seat covers excel, offering robust protection against spills and wear.

Meanwhile, WeatherTech seat covers prioritize advanced materials for superior liquid and environmental resistance, ideal for active lifestyles.

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