A Complete Guide To Paint A Car With Airless Sprayer

A Complete Guide To Paint A Car With Airless Sprayer

Car owners highly prefer using airless tools between air paint and airless paint sprayer for car painting because it is great for covering a large area in less time. In summary, painting a car with an airless sprayer offers significant benefits. But knowing how to paint a car with airless sprayer and more is necessary.

You need to know many things about using an airless tool to know if it’s right for you. So, one should know how it works and what convenient features it offers over traditional tools to car owners.

Today’s article will teach you about painting cars with an airless sprayer. So start reading the article without skipping any section.

7 Steps To Paint A Car With An Airless Sprayer: Do It Like A Pro

Car painting is undoubtedly tricky, so you must follow a proper process. However, specific steps must be followed while using the airless sprayer. But the process can be pretty simple if you apply each step correctly.

Step 1: Prepare Your Car

It is crucial to prepare the grout before starting the painting process. Unwanted materials and dirt on the car’s surface prevent the paint from sitting perfectly on it. For this, the car should be thoroughly washed.

Even after cleaning, it is a good idea to dry and sand the vehicle entirely. But don’t forget to use a degreaser afterward.

Step 2: Choose The Right Place

Be sure to choose a suitable location. It is not wise to use the sprayer immediately. In this case, selecting a proper and safe environment is essential. Choose a dust-free place, even out of the reach of pets or children.

However, one must ensure adequate ventilation in the area. Remember that painting on dusty areas will cause the paint to stick to a defect.

Step 3: Tape & Mask The Car

This is a vital step that, if missed, can throw everything into a mess. However, temporarily unnecessary car parts should be covered with tape and a mask at this stage.

Paint is only used on metal parts of the car, so windows, handles, lights, and door jambs must be wrapped to protect them. But before that, use newspaper, which will ensure maximum protection.

Step 4: Use Primer

The primer must be applied before the first coat of paint is applied to the vehicle. Any trauma to the vehicle’s metal surface over time can cause scratches or imperfections.

The primer fills in all spots and provides an initial coat to match the color of the paint. But after applying the primer, you have to wait sometime to let it dry. Some primers can take 30 minutes (1).

Step 5: Apply Coats

Now, start applying the color coat with the airless sprayer. When painting, keep the tip about 6 to 12 inches away from the vehicle. If a larger area needs to be covered, start from the top.

Applying a clear coat after completing the color coat will preserve the car’s shine. But this time, also use the machine in the same way.

Step 6: Let The Paint Dry

If the paint has been satisfactorily applied, leave it to dry. There is a time limit for this. Don’t rush to the following action to get the best results; your efforts may be unsuccessful. After complete drying, proceed to the next step.

Step 7: Remove Tape & Makings

When you are sure the paint is completely dry, it is time to remove all the tape and masks. Be careful when removing them, and loosen them slowly. Otherwise, the newly painted areas may be damaged.

After removing the masking, wipe the entire vehicle using a soft cloth, so no dirt remains on its surface. It is like new!


  • An airless sprayer;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Soap and water;
  • Tape & mask;
  • Newspaper.

Materials: Paint, Degreaser, and Primer.

Mistakes One Should Avoid To Paint A Car With An Airless Sprayer

While painting a car with an airless spray can go wrong; this is normal. If you don’t avoid these mistakes, there will be defects in the car painting. Learn about the errors and how to prevent them from the table below; hopefully, you will be aware of them.

Possible MistakesWays To Avoid
Not properly preparing the vehicle and place.Clean the car and select a dust-free and ventilated area.
Not keeping the gun at the proper distance.Hold the machine 6 to 12 inches away when spraying to ensure proper color dispersion.
Ignorance of security measures.One must take masks and goggles to protect the body and skin.
Not practicing enough.Beginners must practice before starting to paint the car body.
Mistakes One Should Avoid To Paint A Car With An Airless Sprayer

5 Essential Tips To Paint a Car with An Airless Sprayer

The airless spray gun is convenient enough to use, but to get the best results, there are some tips to remember, along with knowing the proper way to use it. Remember the tips below that will help you navigate the entire process precisely.

Tip 1: Be Sure To Practice Fast

It is a good idea to practice with the airless gun before finally starting to spray it. Practice it for some time to check if it works well. Spending a few minutes practicing is a great decision, especially when using the gun for the first time.

Tip 2: Maintain Proper Safety

You must go through various tasks in car painting, so you should adequately protect your skin and respiratory system.

Some fine dust may be released when sanded, harming the respiratory system. Wear a mask for this. Also, do not forget to wear gloves.

Tip 3: Use The Right Paint

Remember that not all types of paint will be compatible with an airless gun. So if you want to apply Polyurethane paint with the airless spray, it will be wrong because users can apply this only with a brush or roller.

So, work on the car after knowing which paint will be compatible with this tool.

Tip 4: Start With Thin Coat

Do not apply a thick coat initially, as it may become uneven. Start with a thin coat so that all areas get color evenly. Then slowly progress towards the thick coat. You can make a perfect painting, and there won’t be any smudging or dripping.

Tip 5: Properly Place The Masking Tape

Ensure the masking tape covers the required areas while applying it and, of course, before painting. If a place you don’t want to paint is loosened and painted, it will be difficult to remove the paint later. For this, cover all areas, including windows and handles well.


What Are The Benefits Of Painting A Car With An Airless sprayer?

An airless sprayer offers many advantages when it comes to painting cars. It offers an excellent speed (2) to paint, which allows a car painting to complete quickly. Moreover, this gun is ideal for DIYers as it is easy to operate and more effective than air spray.

Moreover, airless spray guns are versatile as people rely on them for cars and other automotive painting works.

Although the gun is expensive, few alternatives in the market can cover a large area quickly. Moreover, it gives an even and perfect look to all vehicle surfaces.

Can You Paint Yourself A Car With Airless Sprayer?

If you have already painted a car at least once with an airless sprayer, you can still try it yourself. But for those who are brand new or have no experience in painting cars with this tool before then, it is better if they give it up and take the help of a professional.

The painting process involves several essential steps which may not be possible for a newbie to follow correctly. If any one step goes wrong, the result will naturally be disastrous.

However, there is no need to spend on a professional if you have little experience and are confident enough. Start practicing it well.

How Long Does It Take Time To Dry After Painting With Airless Sprayer?

How long the paint takes to dry depends on the paint type and how many coats you apply. In this case, wait for 24 to 48 hours to dry properly. But applying sealant or wax as soon as it dries will not be busy, so you have to wait 1/2 week.

Twenty-four hours will be sufficient if applying fewer coats, but wait up to 48 hours for more coats. But even after 48 hours, carefully observe if it is scorched. Leave it on for a while longer, if necessary, to ensure the paint isn’t wet.

Who Should Use An Airless Sprayer To Paint Car?

Airless guns are highly recommended for those who want added convenience to car painting and don’t mind the cost. Many people tire of carrying the sprayer for long periods while painting, but the airless gun offers the best portability.

Especially beginners who can’t adjust to heavy machines can switch to this machine. Besides, it allows those who don’t feel strong enough to complete small projects perfectly besides painting cars. It makes for a great finishing touch to DIY projects.

Final Thought

Painting a car should be easy and perfect enough to be done with the right tool and proper technique. An airless sprayer is a device that is designed to fulfill all such requirements.

You already got detailed information from the discussion above to paint a car with airless sprayer. Along with using the tool, one should also know the proper procedure.

If you have experience in this matter, you can quickly proceed with the mentioned steps. What you have learned in this long discussion will be enough for you. But it is better not to start with zero experience; in this case, one should hire a professional.


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