How Long To Run Car After Dead Battery

How Long To Run Car After Dead Battery? [Explained]

A dead car battery can be charged by letting the car idle or using a trickle charger. Once the car battery has got a few charges, you should now run the battery. Knowing how long to run a car after dead battery is revived is important. 

The car should run for at least 30 minutes or more after the dead battery has been replaced or recharged. The alternator will get enough time to charge the battery. This run will recharge the dead battery completely and get the battery to its stable level.

Recharging a dead battery without this run may damage the battery again. If the dead battery is revived, then it’s fine otherwise, installing a new battery will require you to reset the clock and radio system of the car. 

Why You Should Run Car After Recharging Dead Battery: Check Now

Once you recharge a dead car battery, it should run for a few minutes or hours. This duration depends on the previous condition of the battery and how much charge it had before it was jump-started or recharged.

On the other hand, if you still have dimming lights during the run, then you should replace the dead battery. There can be problems with the alternator and the charging system as well. So, it’s better to conduct a car mechanic to find the exact solution.

What Can You Do If Your Car Battery Is Flat Or Dead: Read Now

If your car battery is dead, don’t worry, as it’s possible to recharge a dead car battery. Here are three steps you may follow if your car battery has gone flat or dead.

1. Try To Recharge It

Once your battery is dead, you should try to recharge it. The dead battery can be recharged by using a trickle charger. This charger is a specially designed-charger for cars. Charging the battery with a trickle charger may take longer than usual.

2. Jump Start Your Car

To revive a car battery, jumpstarting is the most popular and effective technique so far. In this method, the dead battery gets a jumpstart from another battery.

Using jumper cables, both the batteries are connected and then get a boost from the engine of the good battery’s car.

3. Replace The Battery

If nothing works, it’s better to replace the battery. It’s never recommended to drive with a dead battery. Get a new battery of the same configuration and replace the damaged one to prevent your car and the engine from any additional damage. 


Does Idling A Car Charge The Battery?

It’s possible to charge a car battery while idling. The engine should be running to let the battery charge in this scenario. Also, let the battery charge, and ensure that the electrical components are not draining any charge from the battery.

The alternator generates electricity from the engine. Using this electricity, a battery can recharge itself. If an idle car doesn’t recharge the battery, it’s because of a problem with the alternator.

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Can You Drive A Car After The Battery Dies?

Well, this actually depends. It’s still possible to drive a car with a dead battery if the alternator is good. A bad alternator will fail to provide current flow into the electrical components of the car, such as dash lights and power steering.

However, you won’t get enough electrical power with a dead battery & it’s not recommended to drive with a dead battery. Either recharge it or get a jumpstart.

How Long Does A Dead Car Battery Take To Charge In A Car?

The required time to charge a dead battery depends on the methods you are trying to charge the battery. A dead battery can be charged in two ways, either by idling or by using a trickle charger.

Idling the car will take around 10-24 hours to charge a dead battery. Charging the battery while idling requires turning off any electrical components of the car. A trickle charger is designed to charge a battery slowly, which may take up to 48 hours, and the batteries hold the charge longer as well.

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Can You Revive A Completely Dead Car Battery?

Reviving a dead battery depends on so many factors. It can’t be said with a guarantee that you can revive a completely dead battery, and rather you may try some tricks that revive a dead battery.

There are a couple of techniques to revive a dead battery. Using jumper cables is the most popular one. In this technique, the dead battery gets a jumpstart. If the battery is dead because of low electrolytes, use distilled water. 

Can Dead Battery Damage A Car?

A bad car battery will definitely affect the car and its performance. There will not be enough power for the electric components of the car. Also, the alternator will be affected because of a dead battery.

Because of low voltage, the internal components of the car will fail to perform as expected. You will be required more gas if the battery is damaged, as the engine uses more gas when the alternator works harder. 

Final Thoughts

Driving with a dead battery is never recommended. The battery should be either recharged or replaced. If it’s revived somehow, you must get a short drive of 30 minutes to let the alternator get enough charge.

Car owners who don’t know how long to run their car after recharging a dead battery sometimes damage the battery again.


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